Honouring Peace

Spearheaded by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War Canada the Hiroshima-Nagasaki commemoration celebrates peace.

About this event

On Tuesday, August 9, At 6:00 PM  a special event is planned to commemorate the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by nuclear bombs in 1945. This year, the event is at a beautiful new location – the  Gorge Park Pavilion – in Gorge Park

As the world’s immense nuclear arsenal has been made illegal but not yet disarmed 77 years later, this celebration of Japanese culture at the stunning new Gorge Park Pavilion (next to the Japanese Gardens) reminds us of the need to treasure & work for peace.

6:00 PM  Yummy Food Truck and Lantern Making for all ages

7:00 PM Welcome by Elder Bear Sam and MC Dr Jonathan Down followed by entertainment such as the Furusato Dancers, the Uminari Taiko Drummers and the Raging Grannies among others, interspersed with short comments by invited speakers.

8:15 PM  Ceremonial planting by Mayor Barb Desjardins of a sapling grown from a seed of a giant Gingko tree standing at the time of the blast in Hiroshima

8:35 PM Participants invited to set their decorated lanterns afloat at sunset on the reflective pools bordering the pavilion

Bring blankets, chairs and come early enough to decorate your lantern (between 6 PM and 7 PM) and enjoy food from the Yummy Food Truck  or bring your own picnic. Admission is free, but donations to contribute to the cost of the event will be welcome on site. 



SIGN PETITION AND REGISTER FOR RALLY AT: tinyurl.com/SolidarityWithYemen

March 26th, 2022 marked seven years of the brutal Saudi-led coalition war in Yemen. A war that has killed almost 400,000 people. Over 4 million people have been displaced because of the war, and 70% of the population, including 11.3 million children are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. The United Nations declared Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Alongside indiscriminate bombing and killings, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, backed by the United States, Canada, and other colonial powers have imposed an air, land and sea blockade on Yemen since 2015. The blockade has caused severe shortages of fuel, food and medicine.

Canada has blood on its hands. Despite the killings and destruction committed by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and despite documentation of the use of Canada-made weapons in the war, the Trudeau government continues to profit from selling arms to Saudi Arabia. The UN Human Rights Council has twice named Canada as one of the states feeding the ongoing war in Yemen.

Since the start of the Saudi-let war in Yemen in 2015, Canada has sold over $8 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia. It is shameful that Canada continues to knowingly profit from selling weapons to Saudi Arabia which are used to kill people in Yemen.




12:30 pm

Bring Signs and Banners

We, members of  Canadian peace groups, are united in our call for an immediate ceasefire and diplomatic negotiations to end the violence by the Russian military, the Ukraine security forces and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  

We utterly reject all resort to war, preparations for war, and the violence war brings to all life in this era of climate and ecological crisis. 

There is no military solution to this crisis. A peaceful resolution can only be achieved through negotiation, non-violence and common human security.  

We believe that a negotiated, comprehensive and enduring political agreement to end the conflict must be negotiated with the meaningful and equitable participation of women.  Women and children have always been the most severely affected by war.    

  We are saddened by the role that the Canadian government and NATO have played in creating the conditions for armed conflict in Ukraine.  Canada escalated the crisis by sending lethal aid to Ukraine, training Ukrainian nationalist militias and promoting NATO membership for Ukraine. These are “red lines” for Russia.   

We call on Canada to stop all arms exports and to end sanctions, which only cause harm to the people. 

We call for Canada to end Operation UNIFIER and Operation REASSURANCE. 

We support neutrality for Ukraine.   

We call for Canada to withdraw from NATO. NATO is an aggressive nuclear-armed alliance based on outdated ideas of deterrence. It requires our government to increase military spending and buy new weapons systems, which divert resources from urgently needed social and environmental healing.  

This war powered by fossil fuel and partly fought over pipelines is delaying global cooperation desperately needed to deal with the climate emergency.  

We call for Canada to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons : the people of the world cannot be held hostage any longer to these weapons of mass destruction. 

We will be on the streets across the country to call for peace on the Global Day of Action on March 19. 



Bring Signs & Banners!


Thousands of people  have posted messages of solidarity with Russians protesting for peace. A few of the messages lack a bit in politeness, appropriateness, or firm contact with reality. But many of them are well worth reading, especially if you’re looking for some grounds to think humanity might be worth the effort. Here are some sample messages:

“Brothers and Sisters against war on both sides of Ukraine and Russia, we are with you in solidarity! Keep your will and faith, we are all fighting with you and continue to do so!”

“Watching an invasion by Russia feels similar to watching our own ‘super power’ country attack Iraq and Afghanistan. Both situations are appalling.”

“Your protests are not unheard! We support you from afar and will do what we can from the USA to stand in solidarity.”

“Russians and Americans want the same thing, an end to war, aggression and empire-building!”

“I wish you strength in resisting your war machine as I do my best to resist the U.S. war machine!”

“I am so in awe of your protests. Free speech is not something you can take for granted, I know, and I am inspired by all of you. I am hoping for the best for each of you, and for your country too. We all long for peace. May we have peace, and may your actions help bring us closer to peace! Sending love.”

“The people all over the world are united in wanting peace. Leaders are out for themselves in most places. Thanks for standing up!”

“We support you in non-violent action. War is never the solution.”

“I respect the courage that all of you have shown, we must all lock arms to stop any country from aggression towards another.”

“You inspire us!”

“I have nothing but the deepest admiration for Russian citizens who are protesting the war against Ukraine, and am disgusted by the American government and NATO for their continued hostility towards Russia which has helped fan the flames of war. Thank you for your brave stance against this reckless war.”

“Your protest gives us hope for peace. At this time the whole world needs to achieve solidarity so that we can solve the problems that confront us all.”

“We must maintain solidarity in the peace movement, and remain nonviolent.”

“Thank you for being so brave. We know you put your own safety on the line for protesting. May peace come soon to all.”

“So glad the Russians have the character, integrity, wisdom, knowledge, and intellect to stand against war and its horrible ramifications.”

“Thank you for standing in solidarity for peace. We must continue to do so, in spite of our governments. We honor your courage!!”

“People around the world want peace. Leaders take note! Stand strong all who fight for peace and stability.”

“Thank you for your amazing bravery! May we in America and the entire world live up to your example!”

“People must find a way to unite for peace. Governments have proven time and time again that they are, “Addicted to WAR”! It’s never a solution; always a continuation of the initial provocation. – – Let’s us find a way to overcome this addiction, we all benefit from working together – in peace.”

“I stand with non-violent resistance actions across the world, and especially now in Russia. Making war is an assault on our shared humanity and I denounce it, no matter the nationality of the perpetrators.”

“In solidarity with all who oppose war and who seek common ground with all humanity.”

[compiled by David Swanson – World Beyond War]